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Appearing soon on the BattleBots TV Show! With over 3 million viewers, BattleBots is the #1 viewed show on the Discovery Channel.

Meet the Team

Rolling Robots Team Shellshock is the first high school team to ever appear on BattleBots.

  • We are a rookie BattleBots team based in Palos Verdes, California, USA.
  • We have over 20 years of combined experience in competitive robotics, with the team participating in Robogames, FIRST robotics, and other VEX robotics competitions over the last several years.
  • We won our division in the VEX Robotics World Championship, and won as the first seed alliance captain at the VEX Pan pacific championships. We are also previous winners at the FIRST Robotics Las Vegas regional and at the Robogames LEGO fire fighting event.
  • Learn more about us in this video:

Meet the Robot

Our robot's design may have been inspired by a cute turtle found in a team member's backyard, but don't be fooled by its innocuous appearance. Shellshock has a super-hard shell and can deliver an equally hard hit. As a full body spinner driven by industrial electromagnets and equipped with rotary cutting blades, the shell is lethal and has more potential destructive energy than any other BattleBot weapon. Our bot always attacks aggressively and in style, with its bright LED underglow lighting up the battlefield as it decimates the competition. Its hard, spinning shell can be counted on to deflect most hits on-the-go, but if the bot does happen to get into trouble, it can retract its wheels and hunker down in defensive mode while it prepares its counterattack.

Promoting STEM Education

When you support us you support STEM education for youth:

Your support for Shellshock is about more than just helping a single team; it's about enlightening others about just how far their STEM education can take them! These guys are an inspiration for kids everywhere, and their success will show students all around the world that the sky's the limit when they apply their mind to an objective. Who knows, someone watching might grow up to be the next Edison, Jobs, or even Franklin!

What Can You Get?

Planning on supporting Team Shellshock? Well, if you do, there's more in it for you than just the warmth you feel in your heart. Support the team and get rewarded with T-Shirts, BattleBots Tickets, VIP visits, and the pride in knowing you are supporting our determined turtle-bot.

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Support Us

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