Rolling Hills Estates MakerSpace

We have completed initial customization and move in of our new Robotic Lab. It is 2200 square feet of open space, that is almost double what we have now. It was previously a personal training gym that we now need to convert to a training space for young creative minds and hands!

We have a vision to make this into an engineering design center for our robotics teams. This page we will keep photo documentation of the progress.

Here's a pic of our first Competition Event in the new space. Rolling Robots Outreach Hosted 18 teams in a Robot Skills Challenge . This was a very high level of competition that included 3 teams from the Worlds Top 50 Rankings. By the end of the day we had 3 teams scoring over 100 pts including one making 123 points, the number one score in the world! You can expect more info and photos from us as the space progresses.

Robotics Lab

Photo taken February 12, 2017, click for historical images
January 26, 2017,
December 23, 2016

You can expect more info and photos from us as the space progresses.

Each team has its own workstation with everything it needs to build and keep their robot working. With these individual workstations we will encourage our kids to be responsible for their own workspace. They will have a set of dedicated tools, parts and supplies that they will keep organized. There will be ample workspace and a space to work on the robot while supported off it’s drive base.

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