Welcome to Rolling Robots Outreach

Rolling Robots Outreach, Inc. is a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization formed to promote educational programs in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). Your contributions are fully tax deductible.

Welcome to the Rolling Robots Outreach Program, our web portal for all of our charitable works and community-driven learning initiatives. For years now Rolling Robots has put a huge emphasis on making sure that the students in the communities around us have access to a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education regardless of whether or not those programs existed in their area or if they could afford them. After years of working towards this goal and listening to feedback from parents and teachers about how we could extend our reach even further, we decided it was finally time to step our efforts up to the next level.

It is for this reason that we are now officially launching Rolling Robots Outreach Inc, a 501c3 non-profit formed with a single mission: to promote STEM education and extend access to cutting-edge learning resources to students of all backgrounds and locales.

Now, "How will you do this?" you might find yourself asking. Our basic strategy is as follows:

  1. Launch a team of students who will serve as STEM Ambassadors in the community to promote STEM education among their peers.
  2. Develop "Maker-Space" style engineering lab facilities. These will be unique places to train and support students as engineers in the Rolling Robots way. This will be done in dedicated spaces as well as in partnerships with existing community organizations. We are currently in the process of launching our first Maker-Space in Rolling Hills Estates (more on this below).
  3. Develop partnerships to create Community Based STEM Education Centers.

STEM Ambassadors

A volunteer student group promoting STEM Education

STEM ambassadors community service

The STEM Ambassadors are a group of our students that promote STEM education among their peers. Rolling Robots organizes several outreach events for this team throughout California. in previous years we have promoted robotics day at Compton Unified School District, volunteered at the VEX IQ tournament and VEX State Championship, and even gave a spotlight presentation of the World Championship Skyrise Robot as a VIP guest at the Google Science Fair. This was a huge moment, as the Awards Ceremony was streamed live worldwide and helped us gain a lot of exposure for programs such as this one. We are actively recruiting to swell the ranks of our Ambassador team, and all members of this group will earn service hours towards the President's Volunteer Service Award.

JV InvenTeam

We have launched a workshop for teaching invention using the JV InvenTeam curriculum developed by the Lemelson-MIT foundation. This provides an opportunity for exceptional STEM students to move beyond the classroom and beyond the robotics team to develop the skills to solve real world problems using their creative minds. This winter we had ten 10th grade students participate in our first pilot of this program. We plan to start a new group of students this spring.

JV InvenTeam

Rolling Hills Estates MakerSpace

We have just completed initial clean up and moving in to our new Robotics Lab. At 2200 square feet it is a very welcome addition to our workshop, effectively tripling the area we've had available up until now. This building was previously a personal trainer's gym, and we're happy that we get to carry on in its tradition of fostering personal improvement by turning it into a space that will help sharpen curious minds and train ambitious hands!

Here's a pic of our first Competition Event in the new space. Rolling Robots Outreach Hosted 18 teams in a Robot Skills Challenge . This was a very high level of competition that included 3 teams from the Worlds Top 50 Rankings. By the end of the day we had 3 teams scoring over 100 pts including one making 123 points, the number one score in the world! You can expect more info and photos from us as the space progresses.

Robotics Lab
Photo taken February 12, 2017, click for historical images January 26, 2017, December 23, 2016

You can expect more info and photos from us as the space progresses.

STEM Center Partnerships

Dream Tree Community Center
VEX Crossover
Building VEX Robots
Programming in "Robot-C"

Join us in creating a new center for STEM education. Rolling Robots Outreach partners with existing community organizations to provide equipment for STEM education. Workshop classes and competition teams are organized, staffed and operated by Rolling Robots, the local students get the same experience as our home Roboteers.

Our first partnership is with the Holliston Dream Tree Community Center, launching a new workshop series and competition team. The ultimate goal of this is to select a group of young experts from these classes to join our robotics team and to participate in VEX Robotics and VEX IQ competition events.

We have formed a VEX IQ team and are registered for 2 events that can potentially qualify the team for the California State Championship. This team is for 4th and 5th grade students and is by invitation only.